Monday, 29 March 2010

MUSO final Interactive Magazine

Review of Project Plan

Media Studies Project Plan


09/11/2009 Questionnaire (Research target audience)

16/11/2009 Questionnaire Write up

23/11/2009 Analyse 2 existing front cover              - I managed to do this all before the Christmas holidays

30/11/2009 Mock up front cover   - I only got round to doing this on the 3rd of dec(doing quicker could have given more time to do drafts)

07/12/2009 Produce front cover (draft 1)     - I put a lot of posts and updates on my progress here to show what I was doing

14/12/2009 Produce front cover (draft 2)



04/01/2009 Analyse 2 existing TOC / Mock up TOC

11/01/2009 Produce TOC (draft 1) / Produce TOC (draft 2)

18/01/2009 Analyse 2 existing DPS

25/01/2009 Mock up DPS

01/02/2009 Produce DPS (draft 1)      - I did all of this a little late, leaving less time to explore all the options of the design. However, having expolored colours and themes thoroughly for the front cover, I had a lot of research already in place.

08/02/2009 Produce DPS (draft 2)



01/03/2009 Final Drafts (All)

08/03/2009 Evaluation Q's

15/03/2009 Evaluation Presentations    - This all got pushed back until after Easter which was actually ok as I had more time to finalise verything and make a really good evaluation presentation

22/03/2009 Finalise Blog and hand in

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Final Contents Page

I changed the right hand image to something a bit lighter as I thought the page looked too dark, especially with the bright colours on the other pages.

Friday, 19 March 2010

Contents Page Second Draft

First of all I had to change the right hand image as it was only temporary while i got my own photo of New York. I then made arrows to put on to make clearer which picture was for which page. I then corrected any other spelling and punctuation mistakes.